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Post-Cleaning instructions

1. To avoid from slipping on the floor, please lay down a towel, cloth or a mat on the floor next to the damp carpet. it would also remind you to take cautious.
2. drying of the carpet:
 * in warm days: turn on all your fans on high speed, keep all windows and doors open.
 * in hot days: turn the A/C on, close all windows and doors in the rooms make sure the fan is on the highest mode.
 * in cold days: turn the heating on, close the windows and doors in all the rooms make sure the fan is on the highest mode.
3. do not put any furniture back on damp carpet. wait until the carpet is absolutely dry.
4. pets odor treatments are not 100% guaranteed. if you still smell odor from the carpet put a fan dirctly towards the treated area and spray same Fabriz or Odoban for couple more days.
5. as we already mentioned, Home Depot and Lowe's are renting out air blowers for about $10 a day. these air blowers are very strong and drying the carpet very fast.

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