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Now its easy and simple to make a payment to Mexsteam carpet cleaning with cash, checks and money sending apps. using money sending apps is easy and convenience and absolutely free. we do not accept credit/debit card anymore because of high transaction fees and monthly minimums. we do apologize for the inconvenience

we now accept payments through multiple money sending Apps


Cash is always a great payment method, but most likely we won't have small change with us.


Venmo is the most popular method of payment.

simply download app, sync your bank account and search for @mexsteam 


Checks are welcome, make sure the name and address is updated. you can make it up to MEXSTEAM


Majority of banks are already have zelle in their apps. 
simpley open your bank account app, look for Zelle or quickPay with Zelle option and send the payment to:

name: Mexsteam 

phone number: 8583331877
you can also download the Zelle app and follow instructions on app


$Cash App 

simply download app, sync your bank account and search for $mexsteam2023

apple cash.jpeg

Open your wallet app on your iphone and send payment to 8583331877 same number we texted you from

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