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extra charges price list

1. $30 for cleaning on the 2nd floor when vehicle is parked within 100ft from the door

    $40 if main door is over 100ft away from the vehicle


2. $30 for any apartment building floor when using the elevator 

    $40 if there is any stairsteps along the way between the vehicle and the unit

3. $50 for 3rd floor unit with no elevator 

    $40 if usuing elevator to the unit and then cleaning on the 2nd floor inside the unit

4. $30 extra travel fees beyond 25 miles from downtown San Diego 92101

     (15 miles if using Groupon vouchers)

Carpet Cleaning

5. $30-100 extra for extra deep cleaning depends on the condition of the carpet


6. $50 extra for enzymes treatment

7. $3 per step for cleaning staircases


8. $15 per each additional foot over the size prepaid online for upholstery cleaning

    $5 each additional decorative pillows 

    $20/$30 for couch Ottoman depends on the size

    $20 for large or heavy cushions 

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