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    ... time for your annual carpet &       upholstery cleaning service

Cutout Stars

$59 2 rooms & hallway 

$69 3 rooms & hallway 

$99 3 rooms, hallway & stairs 

$99 5 rooms & hallway 

$59 6' loveseat 

$69 7' sofa 

$99 10' sectional couch 

$39 top of a mattress 


Please note that there will be an additional charge for apartments, condos, and areas on the 2nd floor. However, if the location is on street level and within 100 feet from the vehicle, there will be no extra charge. Additionally, extra travel fees will apply for locations over 15 miles from San Diego downtown area 92101. Our initial deals are designed for fairly clean to slightly dirty carpet and/or upholstery. If your carpets or upholstery are heavily soiled, or if odor treatment is necessary, an extra charge will apply.

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