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prepare your home for your carpet cleaning appointment:

Please prepare your home a few hours in advance or the day before so the technician will start to work immediately when he arrives. Please do not wait to the last minute! click here to learn how to remove pet hair and treat stains:

1. Please vacuum the carpet well to remove pet hair, dust or debris before we arrive(we won't be able to steam clean carpet if the carpet hasn't been vacuumed well)
2. Open windows and blinds for air flow and more lights. but on a really hot days over 80°, please close the windows and put the A/C on.
3. Pick up small items from the floor such as toys, clothes and rugs.
4. We need access to a water tap outside your home. if there is no tap outside, please clear accessible way to a deep sink such as kitchen, bathtub, laundry room.
5. Keep kids and pets away from all cleaning areas, hoses and equipment at all time.
6. Get everything you need from the cleaning area before the technician starts the process such as phone, wallet, keys, cloths etc..

7. PARKING: (we can't park in red, yellow, white line, across the street or far distance from the house/building)

Houses: please clear your driveway for the technician and if you planning on leaving, please pull your vehicle out from the garage before we arrive.
Apartments: we need to take your parking spot or park closer to the unit.

Downtown high rises: we need to park inside the building at your parking spot or next to an elevator if possible. (please arrange a parking pass or security clearance in advance).

if you don't have your own parking spot please save parking spot on the street within 100 feet from the main door/gate. 
9. In case of stains and spots, we recommend to spray carpet cleaner and scrub it a little bit with a brush or a broom at least one hour before our arrival time. 

10. Drying time will between 3 hours to 24 hours. good ventilation and natural breeze dry the carpet faster. Home Depot and Lowe's have big air blowers for rent if interested.

11. We do not accept credit or debit cards, please click below to learn about the payment options. 


Arrival time will be between time set up to an hour later

(all depends on previous jobs and traffic)

We will notify you 30 minutes before arrival time 

Thank you and we'll see you tomorrow!

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